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Currently, we can all agree that digital and information era belong to a field flourishing. Our audiovisual and digital multimedia translation experts are aware that digital multimedia materials are fundamental in our society. Likewise, we know this is a field subject to changes and cultural, commercial and linguistic agents. Ever since the internet reached our lives, we are continually exposed to audiovisual material of every kind. It covers from a TV commercial to tutorials in different platforms. In Translinguo Global we use specialized software to translate, synchronize and insert subtitles in different video formats, movies, documentaries, series…We insert synchronized subtitles in any means or format.

Relevant Fact

It is used when the audience does not understand the video (due to the language or physical limitations) or when the company wants to keep a specific format or does not want to invest in a dubbing service.



If your company is looking for a subtitling service do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail (, other online formats or send it through a courier service. Depending on the material and the quality of the video, we will send you the quotation.


Once the quotation is accepted, our team will start working on your project. We always recommend our clients to report us any specification about style, terminology or other aspects of the project that our translators should be aware of before starting the translation. It is also important for us to receive these specifications and glossaries via e-mail.


Our translators team is specialized in audiovisual translation and are native speakers.


Lastly, once the project is completed, we will send you the files and, if you wish, we can send you the transcript too*.


*The transcript would be an extra service (15% over the price, VAT not included).

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