SEO Positioning

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SEO Positioning

Nowadays, everybody is discussing Search Engine Optimization. This is because it makes your website more convenient for both users and search engines. The truth is that machines are developing in order that they can do this automatically. However, none of them can do it like a human does it yet. In Transliguo Global we make search engines understand your website for a better positioning. Also, we guide and assist you in order for your website to become easy and useful for the users.


We improve your business website and we are committed to turning your traffic into real clients. We can improve your reputation. Our Positioning service includes:

  • Creation, planning, content writing and website or blog structure
  • Maintenance of the webpage or blog
  • SEO and SEM positioning
  • Online reputation crisis management
  • Content monitoring
  • Newsletters (with client’s database)


SEO Positioning is the best way for users to find you through a search engine in which your website content is relevant. These users are looking for what you offer and the best way to reach them is through a search engine.

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