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What’s the role of  Translators and interpreters and why is it extremely important in the business world?

 The main role of  Translators and interpreters  is to improve communication by rendering essential information from a language to another in different parts of the world. While interpreters deal with oral communication, translators handle the written one.

Translators and interpreters play a fundamental role in businesses around the globe. They offer services in several business sectors and specialize in specific fields. Some of them are:



Role of translators and interpreters  in Medicine

Medical interpreters help promote oral communication between the hospital management and administration and the patients. Among their duties, medical translators translate the patients’ medical reports and other documents, as well as the hospital information leaflets. These translators and interpreters have a great knowledge about medical and pharmaceutical terminology and can speak both languages fluently. They are also acquainted with cultural aspects of the target text, which is necessary when the patient receives the news.




Localization involves the complete adaptation of a product for its use in a different language and culture. A translator has a deep knowledge of the product compared to the local users.  Here,  the role of translators or transcreators is to adapt the product as if it was originally created in the country where it is going to be sold.



Technical translators

Technical translation involves the specialized translation of several fields such as business, economy, marketing, etc. A translator or interpreter must have a deep knowledge of worldwide companies and markets, as well as recent events. An example of this type of service is the commercial translation specialized in financial markets. This involves the translation of documents such as financial statements or investment funds reports to the target language.


Conference interpreters

Conference interpreters work in international organizations such as WTO, the World Bank, etc., where participants come from all around the globe. In some occasions, these interpreters also work as intermediaries between international companies which operate in foreign countries. Conference interpreters are able to interpret from at least two passive languages to an active language. For example, from Spanish and French to English.


Translators and interpreters help intercultural communication between companies by rendering an oral or written text to a target language. Therefore, they play an essential role in international business.

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