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Translinguo Global counts with interpreters in the most common languages. We have a team of experts in the interpretation field located in several Spanish cities, as well as in other foreign countries. It allows us to meet our clients’ needs in any region.

In Translinguo Global we offer comprehensive and global interpretation services. We have a team of managers and interpreters that will satisfy you needs in any event, congress, meeting, course, travel accompaniment or any other type of arrangements.

The interpretation services we provide are: simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and accompaniment and sign language interpretation.


Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is common in congresses, conferences and those events in which the public speaks different languages.

  • In real time
  • Crowded events
  • Native and expert interpreters


Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is the most used in press conferences in which the interlocutors speak and stop to let the interpreter traduce what has been said with the help of a few notes.

  • After the intervention
  • Closer communication
  • Native experts
  • Seminars, meetings
  • Sworn interpretation


Liaison interpretation (for businesses)

Liaison interpretation is adequate for interviews and on-site negotiations. The interpreter acts as a communication bridge between both parties at every moment. A fluent and accurate communication that allows all the parties to communicate without any of them speaking a common language.

  • Bilateral speech
  • Events with few interlocutors
  • Does not require technological means
  • Native experts in several fields
  • Videoconferences


Accompaniment interpretation

In this kind of service, the interpreter goes with the client to events, such as fairs or cultural acts, visits to companies, factories, to cities while doing tourism, formal meals…in which a language that the client does not speak is used.



Translinguo Global provides you with a competent team in the accompaniment interpretation field. What makes this low cost service different is that the professional is not an expert interpreter but knows perfectly the languages required. We offer interpretation rates availables for everyone.

We can guarantee:

  • Fluent interpretation
  • Thorough knowledge of the languages

*To hire the low cost version, please indicate it when requesting quotation.


Sign language interpretation

Sign language interpreters work in a wide variety of settings; they can work in any place that requires communication between deaf and hearing people, in environments such as:

  • Legal (meeting with lawyers, police stations, law courts or prisons).
  • Business (job interviews, meetings, conferences, training events).
  • Education (learning/teaching during lessons).
  • Medical (doctor, dentist appointments…).
  • Religious, social or cultural events.

Before assisting to the meeting or appointment in which interpretation services are required, interpreters will be informed about where will they work and what will the topic be for often they need to prepare themselves, as well as read any documents or speeches involved in the service.

We recommend our clients to order this service as much in advance as possible. Due to the low supply of these interpreters our team is not always available.

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