Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the delivery time of my project begins to run?

Delivery times are only binding to the parties once the translation agency has expressly confirmed the request.

Unless otherwise provided in the e-mails or the quote, all references to specific times correspond to Central European Time (Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome…), that is, GMT+1, and GMT+2 in summer time.

In the event the translation agency cannot deliver the project on the time agreed, the client will be informed as soon as possible and a new delivery time will be agreed.

The delivery shall be deemed as performed once it has been carried out in any demonstrable way (e-mail, mail, courier…) as previously agreed and in the place designated.

The delivery time will be considered as not complied when the delivery is postponed more than 3 hours, and one hour after the client has notified the agency this delay.

2. In which format should I send the files?

We always recommend legible and, to the extent possible, editable formats.  Nevertheless, we have a specialized software for most types of files.

3. How should I make the payment?

The invoice for the agreed amount will be sent to the client once the project is delivered, either via e-mail or courier.

The payment will be made, unless otherwise agreed, in advance or 20 days after the delivery of the project. The payment can be made by bank  transfer or cash.

As appropiate, the translation agency may require the payment of the full amount or part of it. In any case, the payment method will be agreed when requesting the service.

4. What can I do if my project is not delivered within the delivery time?

As far as the delivery of the projects is concerned, the agency guarantees the delivery within the agreed time. If the project is not delivered within the agreed time due to reasons beyond our control, the agency willl continue working on the project and the client will be informed about the reasons of the delay.

 In the event the translation agency cannot deliver the project on the time agreed, the client will be informed as soon as possible and a new delivery time will be agreed.

5. What happens if my sworn translation is not accepted by the organism I want to submit it to?

Our translation agency guarantees that our sworn translation are authorized to swear translations in the country our client wants to submit it; therefore our translations will be entirely valid. Unless required otherwise by the client, the translations will be made by sworn translators in the country where the office the client approached to is located. 

However, it cannot be guaranteed in any case that other countries will accept the translation made and sworn by our translators, nor we can assure that the document will be valid for the client’s purposes (the client must check all the procedures and formalities needed to fulfil his/her purpose).

6. Who should I contact about my project?

At the beginning of the project, the agency will let you know the name and e-mail of the project manager assigned. Communication must ALWAYS be written for the record in case there is any kind of modification in the project.

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