One of the key elements in the success of a website is the quality and accuracy of the content management, which is essential nowadays. Nevertheless, are you aware of the importance of having an exquisite professionalism when redacting content?



Currently, content management and creation are more than just writing down ideas about a topic.  You should be aware that this content is the fuel that feeds the engine in the big net. It is also the starting point of all the links between user, information, service and product.  Due to this, optimum use of content is extremely important.  These are the keys to an effective and appropriate content management:

  • Interesting from the user’s perspective
  • It must be well distributed
  • It must be well presented
  • Logical
  • Accessible to the user
  • Coherent and unified


Depending on how content management is carried out, your website can gain authority and reputation. Otherwise, your website can end up at the bottom of the list. Furthermore, your website can do even better depending on the user’s experience, which will be determined by SEO positioning, SMM, the image, authority, and reputation. Website content is fundamental given that it will directly affect the satisfaction and expectations the users.


“Good content means good results”


For Translinguo Global, content management consists of the coordination, integration and implementation of different strategies with a main goal: lend credibility and provide quality to your website through images, texts, videos and audio files. In other words, placing value on the information transmitted. In addition, Translinguo Global coordinates the SEO, SEM and SMM strategies of your company to always follow the corporate criteria:

  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Corporate identity
  • Quality


Our team of experts knows that a content manager must be creative, a professional in the field and informed of the needs and goals of every client. This is why our professionals are interdisciplinary and have an extensive knowledge of marketing, technology and linguistics

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