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Google Translate is not better than learning a language

Is it the end of “Modern Languages” studies?

Modern languages are increasingly becoming extinct in European universities. Do you think Google Translate could ever fill that gap?

Could Google Translate be a safe alternative to learning a language? Don’t you count on it.

There are less and less universities that offer specialized courses in Modern languages. Could this decrease be due to the increasing number of free computer programs such as Google Translate?

After all, why would someone waste their time learning a foreign language? In the end, typing “can I have some chips?” on your phone and obtaining an immediate translation is much easier than that.

The answer is clear. Google Translate will never be an alternative to learning a new language. Here we can see why:


To begin with, Google Translate only works online. If you don’t take learning a language seriously, you won’t be able to say anything other than what you learned at school. And that is a problem f you’re not online and you need to speak to a foreign person. If I had stopped learning English, I would’ve only been able to say “dog”, “window” and “hello, my name is Ana and I’m 12 years old”. I hope that you learned something else if you plan on speaking to foreign people…


If Google Translate would have been in charge of the English version of “The girl from Ipanema”, this is what Frank Sinatra would have sung: “Girl in the golden body, sun from Ipanema, the it swung its more than a poem”. It doesn’t make any sense, right?


If everyone trusted Google Translate, exchange trips would be a thing of the past. What would we do without them?


Another example: “Sixty two” was translated into Filipino as “62”, and nobody in the Philippines writes numbers like that.


The United Nations Summit work would slow down, since translators would have to type every single thing the participants say in order to figure out what is going on. Lots of awkward silences would arise, which would probably lead to a war that would destroy the planet.


Even though Google Translate can teach you how to curse in another language, only a native could teach you the right intonation and gestures that go best with your new swear words.


Even though Google Translate has improved a lot over the past few years (and still does), there’s still no guarantee that it can offer a total accuracy. This is why you need to know that, if you visit a doctor while you’re abroad and you use Google Translator to explain your symptoms, you’ll probably end up having your leg amputated.


Have you ever wondered who would participate in Eurovision if everyone used Google Translate? Seriously. A robot? That would be crazy.


The French expression “se taper le cul par terre” means to “laugh one’s ass off”. However, with Google Translate that would be translated as “ass banging on the floor”. This misunderstanding could lead to an endless series of disasters.


By learning a language, you will be able to go anywhere in the world without feeling horrible every time you try to communicate with somebody, which is something that used to happen to me.

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